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Our ground breaking Omega-3 formula has a new look and arrives in a dark amber glass bottle for maximum protection.
Each bottle contains 60 softgels loaded with 1,100mg of Essential Fats which comprise of 700mg of DHA, 290mg of EPA, 290mg of Phospholipids, 2.67mg of Natural Astaxanthin and 1300IU of Vitamin D3! Our original proprietary formula is now yours to view and compare! No other product comes close to matching our quantity and quality of nutrients and low price.
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Athlete’s Best™ Premium Omega-3 Fuel is a premium blend that contains 2400mg of the highest quality, clinically proven NKO® Krill Oil, Calamarine Oil®, Natural Astaxanthin, Vitamin D-3, and a Proprietary Antioxidant Blend that has been specifically formulated for maximum absorption. Our premium blend has been formulated to increase your omega-3 levels for optimal health and fitness.