Premium Omega-3 Fuel


Athlete‚Äôs Best Premium Omega-3 Fuel has arrived (previously known as “Premium Omega-3 Plus”). Each bottle contains 60+30 Bonus softgels, with each serving loaded with 1,100mg of Essential Fats which comprise of 700mg of DHA, 290mg of EPA, 290mg of Phospholipids, 2.67mg of Natural Astaxanthin and 1300IU of Vitamin D3! Our original proprietary formula is now yours to view and compare! No other Omega-3 supplement comes close to matching our quality of nutrients at such a low price per serving.
In fact, we private label our formula to a Crossfit supplier who retails this very same product at $59.95 per bottle!
Athlete’s Best Premium Omega-3 Fuel is the number one supplement for overall health, athletic performance and recovery.

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