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What Our Customers are Saying

“I tried another omega 3 supplement called ***** **** ************ when I ran out of my Premium Omega 3 Plus. The pain in my left hip came back within two weeks of being off your product. I need to set up an autoship so I don’t run out again!”

Wes (Tennis Player)

“I found your product through ____ ____, and I can tell you your Athlete’s Best Ultra Pure Magnesium Oil is working wonders for my arthritis pain, it takes the edge off within hours! My daughter is using it on her neck (she has arthritis from an injury). I have put you on my facebook page and gave your product a shout out…I hope you get more clients!”


“Kris: I have to say I am pretty skeptical about supplements in general, having been training hard and trying anything with some science behind it since I was 16 (I’m 61 now). I have broken and abused my body harshly over the years and am still training hard with no desire to stop any time soon. This life takes its toll and inflammation is one of the results of a life badly (but excitingly) led.

I have to admit, Athletes Best Premium Omega-3 Plus works unlike anything I have ever used before and I am a harsh critic. I take three pills once a day with a meal and am as pain free as I can be. I have one knuckle I broke many times that is in constant pain and particularly bad in the winter when it’s minus 35 here in Canada. It’s kind of my “inflammation barometer” for my body. I barely know its there now, and my recovery times from intense workouts and work days is excellent. Am I pain FREE – no but almost, and that’s one heck of an improvement from before. It’s all I’m taking right now and it’s fine. Really don’t seem to need much else. I have tried other krill formulations without the same results. Thank you and Keep up the good work.”

Fred S. (Firefighter, EMT, Paramedic, Martial Artist, Combat Trainer)

“My team and I just came back from the 35 and older division of the Roy Hobbs Baseball World Series. We played at the spring training facilities in Fort Myers (City of Palms, Lee County Stadium, and Jet Blue Park). After a grueling week of 9 games in 8 days, our team finished as runner-up in the A division. Thanks to my intense training, supplemented by Athlete’s Best, even at 47 I was able to catch 6 of the games (both the semi-final and finals on the last day). I just wanted to share my experience and thank you again for introducing me to your product. I’m completely sold on the results and benefits. I just wish I could convince my teammates of the advantage of using the product. My efforts will continue but I can assure you that I will remain as a loyal customer.”

Sincerely, Keith H. South Bend, IN

“I have consistently taken the Athlete’s Best Premium Omega 3 Plus over the past two years. Prior to discovering this product, I was taking three different products to accomplish the results I get from Premium Omega 3 Plus. I play tennis at least three days a week and play about 10 tournaments per year. Over the years I have developed bursitis and arthritis in my left hip that feels like a ball of fire in my hip socket. Since taking Premium Omega 3 Plus I seldom experience any hip discomfort and recover much faster after tennis matches and workouts. Thanks for a great product!”

Wes S., Albany GA

“Living in South Georgia it’s easy to get dehydrated and experience cramping during the sweltering and humid days of summer. As a tennis player, I do my best to stay well hydrated to avoid cramping. I discovered the Ultra Pure Magnesium Oil with MSM about a year ago and found that it substantially helps prevent leg fatigue and cramps. I like to use about 5 to 8 sprays on each leg focusing on my quads, knees and calves. I apply it first thing in the morning and let it soak in for about 30 minutes prior to my morning shower. When playing tennis tournaments I also use it in the evening after all of my matches to help restore magnesium levels. Great product!”

Wes S., Albany GA

Vitality Force is a life saver. I’m a pretty energetic person, but on days when I’m very sleep deprived, I’m painfully tired. It’s tough to function physically, I nod off to sleep frequently, and forget about making it to the gym! After I take Vitality Force, I have enough energy for a normal 1.5 hour HIIT workout (usually involving 25 sprints and several different arm and leg exercises thereafter). I don’t get jittery or have any side effects at all. This is worth every penny.”
Chiara T. Tampa, FL

“Since beginning Athlete’s Best on June 25th, I’ve lost 20lbs in 2 months and have watched my weight drop from 263lbs to 243lbs without changing anything else in my diet or lifestyle. I have wanted to lose weight for some time now, but haven’t been able to see any results until now! It’s September 1st and now I have the motivation to start working out and eating healthier and have made a goal weight of 210lbs by 2013. Thank you for giving me the jump start I needed!”

Ryan K. , San Antonio, TX

“I compete in many Fitness Competitions which require lots of extreme workouts and a strict diet. Athlete’s Best had eliminated my tendonitis and it worked much faster than glucosamine.”

Chris E., Palm Bay, FL

“I have been doing extreme workouts a few times a week, but haven’t been able to drop the extra weight I’ve wanted to lose. Within just 1 week on Athlete’s Best my weight has already dropped 5lbs! I’ve also noticed an increase in my stamina during the workouts!”

Natalie A., Lake Mary, FL

“Since 2008 between the months of April and November, I’ve had severe seasonal allergies. It was so bad that I could never go outside during these months without experiencing all the symptoms. I started Athlete’s Best on June 21st and did not experience any allergy symptoms throughout the summer months. I always said I would pay anything ‘to get my life back’, and I am convinced that Athlete’s Best helped clear up my sinus inflammation.”

Kris V. , Longwood FL

“I typically get to the gym four times a week. When I use the treadmill I always would max out at around the 2 hour mark and feel completely wiped out. Within a week on the product I hit 3 hours on the treadmill and felt as though I could go forever. I’ve now been on the product for just over 2 ½ months and I have seen incredible improvements in my strength, stamina, and endurance.”

Rich G., Belmont, CA

“I have noticed a glow in my skin after just a week of use. As a 48 year old female, I am always looking to protect my skin and I love how this formula can help protect against UV damage.”

Susan S., Heathrow FL

“I’ve been on Athlete’s Best for nearly 3 months now and I am a true believer in the product. I cannot get tired at the gym anymore. No matter what I do, I simply cannot get tired and have to force myself to leave sometimes. I am 50 years old and recently had my blood checked. My cholesterol numbers experienced significant improvement. My total cholesterol dropped from 265 to 188. My HDL rose from 43 to 51. My triglycerides fell from 115 to 68 and my CRP level was basically non-existent. I am very pleased with the product and have purchased a 6 month supply in advance!”

Barry M. , Heathrow., FL

“I have been using Vitality Force for only 3 days now and I can already feel the difference. I am much more alert with much greater mental clarity throughout the day.”

Thad H., Heathrow FL

“I first purchased your Premium Omega-3 Plus in November of 2013, but tried several other brands after the bottles ran out. I have to say that there was a noticeable difference in your product versus the others, and I will be a customer for life. I’m sorry that I ever switched in the first place, but glad to be on them again. Thank you!”

Shanna F., Cheney WA