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Athlete’s Best Offers The Highest Quality Omega-3s

By July 1, 2012January 10th, 2013Uncategorized

When Athlete’s Best™ decided to enter the Omega -3 market we spent months researching the industry. Is your Fish Oil safe? What is the correct dosage? What results can you expect from Fish Oil? We wanted a superior product that far exceeded anything on the market. When we looked at everything, it was quite apparent that Krill Oil offers the best performance and safety.

One ingredient we use is Neptune Krill Oil (NKO®). NKO® has a unique composition offering you a significant source of Omega-3 (EPA & DHA), Phospholipids, and Antioxidants (Astaxanthin, Vitamin A & E). This extract of Krill Oil is a superior form of Omega-3 that provides better absorption and utilization of the EPA & DHA by the cells, making it more bio-available than fish oil.

NKO® Neptune Krill Oil is the only krill oil on the market clinically proven to benefit cardiovascular, cognitive, joint, and women’s health issues. Other krill oils cannot use the benefits associated with the studies, as their compositions and extraction procedures are not the same. Moreover, not all krill oils on the market are 100% derived from krill. NKO® is a superior Krill Oil with the highest levels of EPA, DHA and Astaxanthin.

Kris Vigue

A former Division I athlete with dreams of playing professional baseball cut short due to a severe on-the-field injury. Now the CEO of Athlete’s Best, a Certified Performance Enhancement Specialist and Trainer, and Nutritional Wellness Consultant.

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