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CBD Purity That Begins With The Soil

By May 8, 2019June 6th, 2019Athlete's Best, CBD

CBD is gaining a lot of attention lately because of its many health benefits, from its ability to relieve stress and discomfort, to its neuroprotective effects. It’s being called a “miracle plant” and showing up in more and more retailers across the country.

One thing to remember that when comparing CBD products, it is not an ‘apples to apple’ comparison! The CBD products you may be seeing on the market are not created equally. We’ve stated in previous mailings that the American Journal of Medicine has found that over 80% of the products on the market are NOT labeled correctly in regards to the amount of CBD & THC in the products. These same products also contain many harmful additives, pesticides, heavy metals, or levels of THC that could create a slight buzz.

When looking for a CBD product you must first look at whether the company is using organic farming practices with their hemp. We take great pride in the fact that we focus on producing the absolute highest quality products from start to finish.

We only use organic farming practices without the use of toxic chemicals or pesticides. We also grow organic melons alongside our hemp plants so that when they decompose, they add organic nutrients to the soil. This contributes to a richer soil in the following season. This is incredibly important when using the plant for our products, as hemp is a bio-accumulator, meaning it pulls substances from the soil. If grown in areas with heavy metals, toxins & pesticides, it will absorb those and end up in the final product. Athlete’s Best prides itself on growing with only organic practices in the best possible soil.

Next, is the extraction process. Our CBD oil is produced by a gentle extraction method utilizing supercritical CO2. This retains the beneficial compounds produced by the cannabis plant. We do not use any harsh solvents in our extraction process. Our proprietary extraction process creates an incredibly small CBD molecule for the best absorption rates in the industry.

All of our products have a certificate of internal analysis as well as ISO-Certified Third Party lab reports that verify every batch. The industry lacks a lot of transparency, but we aim to set the gold standard when it comes to our products.

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If you are looking to maximize your dollar, we strongly recommend choosing a higher strength CBD (either 1000mg or 1500mg). The tinctures allow you to consume as little or as much CBD as you’d like by adjusting the amount of drops you consume. By purchasing the higher strength formulas, you receive a higher concentrated dose of cannabinoids, at a lower price per mg.

As always, we offer the highest quality CBD at some of the best prices in the industry.
✅ Broad Spectrum CBD w/no THC
✅ From Organically Grown Hemp
✅ No Pesticides, No Solvents, No Heavy Metals, No Mold
✅ Nano-Microemulsion CBD molecules for higher absorption vs other brands

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Kris Vigue

A former Division I athlete with dreams of playing professional baseball cut short due to a severe on-the-field injury. Now the CEO of Athlete’s Best, a Certified Performance Enhancement Specialist and Trainer, and Nutritional Wellness Consultant.

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