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We are very excited about the results that our customers are experiencing on our Premium Omega-3 Plus.
We have compiled our Top 7 Reasons for using the product on a daily basis.

1. Increase Your Omega-3 Index
First and foremost, it is absolutely imperative that we all increase our Omega-3 index above 8%. Most Americans have blood lipid levels between 3-5%, whereas the Japanese (the longest lived people in the industrialized world), have indices above 9%. Your risk of disease is greatly reduced with levels above 8%. Virtually everyone tested on our product after 3 months of use has recorded a level above 8%! Other ‘fish oils’ on the market, do not reach this level. In fact, in a study of 704 participants, 83% of the people using fish oil had levels below 8%.

2. Highest Quality Omega-3s On the Market
Your body is craving omega-3s as we cannot produce these essential nutrients ourselves. Our formula provides you with just the right mix of both EPA and DHA essential fatty acids from the highest quality krill oil in the world. Our omega-3s enter your cells directly for quick absorption and utilization by the body. Please remember that our omega-3s are guaranteed free of potentially harmful levels of mercury, heavy metals, PCBs and dioxins.

3. Protection from Free Radicals
This covers your need for antioxidants during the day. Our proprietary blend provides you with just the right amount of astaxanthin that your body needs for optimal performance. Astaxanthin is heralded as the most powerful antioxidant in the world and will provide you with additional stamina along with superior protection from free radical damage to your cells.

4. The Ultimate Inflammation Fighter
Our formula has been shown to lower your CRP (C-Reactive Protein) levels dramatically. CRP is a measure of total body inflammation throughout your body. By using our Premium Omega-3 Plus on a daily basis, you will provide your body with the ultimate weapon to combat any unnecessary inflammation.

5. Your Daily Dose of Vitamin D
Vitamin D is such a critical nutrient that most Americans are severely deficient in. Each serving provides 1000 IU. Low Vitamin D levels compromise your health. Only a blood test will show you where you stand. Research clearly shows that Vitamin D levels over 50 ng/ml offer substantial health benefits.

6. Less Than $1.00 a Day For Optimal Health
When you take advantage of our quantity discounts, you are getting these amazing nutrients for less than $1.00 a day. Each bottle represents a full 45 day supply.

7. Start Your Day Off Right!
By choosing to take your Premium Omega-3 Plus every morning, you are making a healthy choice. Whether you are a professional athlete, recreational athlete, someone who enjoys an active lifestyle, or someone who simply wants to improve their health, Athlete’s Best Premium Omega-3 Plus can help!

Some Additional Points:

  • Improve cholesterol by lowering triglyceride levels and boosting HDL
  • Improve mental health by insulating nerve cells in the brain.
  • People deficient in omega 3s may suffer from depression, bipolar disorder, eating disorders and ADHD.
  • A high Omega Index can also help hold off Alzheimer’s.
  • Cancers of the colon, breast and prostate have all been correlated with low levels of omega 3s.
  • Omega 3s help reduce the incidence of sudden cardiac death.
  • Omega 3s and vitamin D can help reduce coronary calcium scores and slow down plaque growth.
  • If you are diabetic, omega 3s will help decrease homocysteine levels.

Thank you for all of your support and if you ever have any questions, feel free to email us. We’re here to help!


Kris Vigue

A former Division I athlete with dreams of playing professional baseball cut short due to a severe on-the-field injury. Now the CEO of Athlete’s Best, a Certified Performance Enhancement Specialist and Trainer, and Nutritional Wellness Consultant.

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