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Achieve Your 2014 Weight-Loss Goals

By December 27, 2013Uncategorized

Don’t let your 2014 Weight-Loss Goals Suffer by lacking The Proper Source of Omega-3s!
The more inflamed your body is from diet and environmental stresses, the harder it is for your fat burning hormones to communicate and operate at peak efficiency. Athlete’s Best Premium Omega-3 Plus is loaded with high quality omega-3s that dramatically lower your total body inflammation. A CRP (C-Reactive Protein) score on your next blood test would give you an indication at how well the product helps reduce inflammation. Customer testimonials have been outstanding!

Not only will our pure source of NKO krill oil help reduce inflammation, but our product is also loaded with DHA from Calamarine. In fact, a month supply would be 1000mg of pure DHA each day. DHA in Omega-3’s show promise to breakdown fat and reduce fat storage and accumulation. With these powerful nutrients on your side, along with a proper diet and exercise, there is nothing to stop you from reaching your goal weight in 2014.

Premium Omega-3 Plus should be at the foundation of any supplement regimen. If you live in the United States, chances are you have a severe deficiency of omega-3s.
We spent 11 months formulating this product and are completely convinced through the results our customers achieve, that this is absolutely the best supplement you should take for optimal health.

Check out a few of these study headlines associated with higher DHA intake and fat loss:

1. DHA Decreases Fat Accumulation in Fat Cells
2. DHA Regulates Abdominal Fat Genes
3. DHA Lowers Abdominal Fat
4. DHA Reduces Fat Storage and Promotes Fat Breakdown
5. DHA Inhibits Fat Cell Formation
6. High DHA Helps Slow Production of New Fat Cells
7. DHA Boosts Adiponectin in Overweight Insulin-Resistant Women
8. DHA Helps Weight Loss by Improving Triglyceride Reduction
9. DHA Promotes Healthier Fat Metabolism During Weight Loss
10. DHA Helps Overweight Adults Exercise Healthier

It’s all about the Quality, and you’ll get that with our Premium Omega-3 Plus. This product is NOT a typical “Fish Oil” supplement – It goes FAR beyond that.

Best of Luck in achieving all your goals in 2014!

Kris Vigue

A former Division I athlete with dreams of playing professional baseball cut short due to a severe on-the-field injury. Now the CEO of Athlete’s Best, a Certified Performance Enhancement Specialist and Trainer, and Nutritional Wellness Consultant.

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