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For years we have been discussing the benefits of increased speed and strength from having an optimal level of Vitamin D3. Now, a new study reports that cognitive decline that comes with aging (including Alzheimer’s Disease) may come much quicker if you have a low level of Vitamin D. This study followed up on a number of people mostly in their 70’s for over five years at The University of California, Davis, Alzheimer’s Disease Center.

What is an Optimal Level of Vitamin D3 in the Blood?
According to Grassroots Health, which is a group of scientists that study Vitamin D3, that level should be around 50 ng/ml.

How to Raise Your Levels
We put a good dose of Vitamin D3 in our Omega Plus and our Vitality Force products. In fact, our Certificate of Analysis on our latest batch shows we now have 1600IU of D3 (a 60% increase than previous batches) in Premium Omega-3 Plus. If someone needs more vitamin D than what we have in our products, they can supplement with Life Extension’s vitamin D which also contains vitamin K. Vitamin K keeps calcium in the bones and out of the arteries.

How Can You Measure Your Levels?
You can measure Vitamin D when you have your regular blood test, or you can purchase an at home kit for around $50.00 or so that only requires a couple drops of blood.

Interested in Auto-Ship?
Send us an Email if you’d like to start receiving your products on Auto-Ship to save time and money on your reorders.

Feeling Sad, Moody, or Depressed?
Athlete’s who have the highest level of omega 3s in their blood had a 17% lower risk of depression. Dr. Majid Fotuhi, medical director or NeuroGrow Brain Fitness Center in Virginia and affiliate staff at Johns Hopkins Medicine, says that omega-3 fatty acids are likely having another effect. “I think the reason they’re helping with mood and depression has to do with increasing blood flow,” he says. The ability of omega-3s to reduce inflammation may also play a role in easing depression, he says.

Dr. Jim’s New Book on Baby Boomer Health and Fitness
Dr. Jim’s new book on Baby Boomer health and fitness will be out in January. The book will go on presale in November with several bonuses. Lots of ground breaking information is in this book. If you are a baby boomer or a parent or child of a baby boomer, you will want to have a copy of this book. Stay tuned.

Athlete’s Best Unique Coaching Programs
With all the upheaval in medical care, it is sometimes hard to get information (or a quick appointment) with your primary care physician. That’s why Athlete’s Best will soon launch two unique coaching programs. One will be headed by a board certified anti-aging doctor and the other will be serviced by certified health coaches. The program will contain written material, conference calls, and quick email responses to your questions and concerns. Watch for further information.

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Kris Vigue, CEO
Certified Performance Enhancement Specialist and Trainer
Nutritional Wellness Consultant

Dr. Jim Vigue
Award Winning Natural Health Author
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Kris Vigue

A former Division I athlete with dreams of playing professional baseball cut short due to a severe on-the-field injury. Now the CEO of Athlete’s Best, a Certified Performance Enhancement Specialist and Trainer, and Nutritional Wellness Consultant.

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