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Why Aging Baby Boomers Need Omega 3s and Why You Need to Know Your Omega 3 Score

By May 21, 2017Uncategorized

In adulthood, protecting our intricate immune, joint, and cardiovascular system is paramount. A large volume of studies on omega 3 fatty acids clearly demonstrate its cardio-protective properties, including lowering of triglycerides and maintaining healthy blood pressure.

Even more importantly as we age, cognitive function and mental clarity take center stage. The number of individuals experiencing progressive loss of cognitive function is increasing at an alarming rate world-wide. Omega 3 fatty acids (with a strong focus on DHA as in our Athletes Best Premium Omega 3s) have been shown to support brain health by improving cell-to-cell communication, and by lessening damage to brain cells (neurogeneration).

According to the lead researcher of an FASEB Journal study:
“Omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids promote amyloid-B clearance from the brain through mediating the function of the glymphatic system, impairment of amyloid B clearance leads to accumulation in the brain during development of Alzheimer’s disease. Strategies that can restore or improve the clearance function hold great promise in delaying or preventing the onset of Alzheimer’s.”

To maximize the protective elements of omega 3s you need to have an omega score over 8%. Even if you are currently taking some form of omega 3s, if your index isn’t over 8% you are not optimizing the power of omega 3s.

If you want to know your omega 3 score you can get an easy, low cost at home test at  make sure you enter the TAB to get your discount.

Our high dose DHA omega 3s get most people over 8% with just two capsules a day.

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Dr Jim

Dr. Jim

Dr. Jim Vigue is a multiple award winning author, coach and business executive. He has MA, MBA and Ph.D degrees and has been involved in both entrepreneurial business ventures and sports most of his life. Jim has a proven track record of helping individuals improve both their business and athletic performance.

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